Unlocking IT for Small Business and Education

Large businesses rely on IT departments, but small businesses do not have that luxury. We recognise that these business need sound support from a source on which they can rely and which will provide services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We provide consultancy services to determine your requirement and provide advice on the best solutions to your IT requirements.  Our follow up services ensure that whether your business runs on a single system or a small network, we can provide a service tailored to your needs - whether it be individual callouts, telephone support, a maintenance contract, setting up VPN remote access, network installation, maintenance, monitoring or some combination of these.

Keeping your data is safe is essential to any business, but in a small busy organisation it is not always possible to maintain a regular backup cycle and endure that backup media is taken off-site. One answer to this is to use an online off-site backup service. For more information about off-site backup, please contact us on 01449 678577.

Elcom 64-Bit Solutions is a trading name of Suffolk Macs Limited Tel: 01449 678577 email: enquiries@elcom64.co.uk