Unlocking IT for Small Business and Education

Initially we come out to you for repair and maintenance problems, allowing you to show us the problem before we start. If possible, we will correct the problem whilst still at your premises (our engineers carry all the most common parts needed to repair systems), but we may need to bring your machine back to our workshop for further work. In most cases we return the system within a couple of days. If the system needs to stay with us longer or is needed urgently, we may be able to provide you with a loan machine until yours is returned.

If we do have to bring your machine back to base and the repair cannot be completed within the time originally estimated, we will give you an estimate for completing the job before proceeding with the repair. 

For serious problems, whether the problem is hardware or software/virus based,  we will always back up your data (where this is possible)  before proceeding to ensure you do not lose critical data.

We will also install new hardware: motherboards, hard drives, sound cards, modems, etc. We can supply these, or we can fit items you have purchased yourself. Similarly, we can install and/or configure new software for you.

Elcom 64-Bit Solutions is a trading name of Suffolk Macs Limited Tel: 01449 678577 email: enquiries@elcom64.co.uk